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Rink Rat Scoreboard FAQs


How does the Rink Rat Scoreboard Work?

The Rink Rat Scoreboard is a feature which tracks your last 100 picks and gives you a score using a weighted system. Each day when you make your picks, you slide the confidence meter from 51% to 100% on the team who you predict will win that day. The purpose of the Rink Rat Scoreboard is to give other users and yourself an indication on how you are doing with your picks in each confident level perspective. Everybody is different on how they pick their games and the Rink Rat Scoreboard will grade and keep track of your record in each confidence range. Heres a chart you can use in determining your confidence level.

Ron Raymonds Confidence Meter Chart

  • 51% to 54% = Somewhat confident, but its almost a coin flip in my view!
  • 55% to 62% = Pretty confident, but not enough to give it two thumbs up!
  • 63% to 72% = Feeling very confident, Ive done some research on this game.
  • 73% to 100% = Highly confident, its my Lock of the Day

Why does it only track my last 100 picks?

If theres one thing I can share with you in the make picks business, everybody will have their up and down days! Its the nature of the beast my friends! You will have days or weeks where everything is connecting, but there will be days or weeks where nothing will go right.

Therefore, we dont want your Rink Rat Scoreboard to reflect your entire season, but moreso your last 10 to 14 days. Its like that old saying, what have you done for me lately? If youre hot, then your Rink Rat Scoreboard will be high, attracting more followers wanting to see who you have picked that day. But once you cool off and lose more then you win, you will hear the crickets on your following page! Bottom line, have fun and dont take this too serious, otherwisee you won't enjoy yourself.

How does the final score work?

The Rink Rat Scoreboard uses a weighted system to determine your final score. In the first confidence range (51% to 54%), you're telling the public you like this pick, but not that much. Therefore, if you made a pick on a team in this range, we shouldnt put too much weight on this pick. The formula used is your winning percentage multiplied by 10.

In the second range (55% to 62%), you are telling the public you like this pick more then a coin flip chance of winning. In fact, you feel good about it, but theres still something that is suspicious, such as a game time decision about the starting goalie decision or youre not sure if this team does well on the road vs. this team in their building. The formula used is your winning percentage multiplied by 20.

In the third pick range (63% to 72%), you have done some research on this game or have found some information that not too many people are aware. You feel its an advantage. Therefore, we will put more weight on that pick. The formula used is your winning percentage multiplied by 30.

The final pick range (73% to 100%) is your BEST BET of the day. You really feel confident about this pick. Youve done your home work and its a sure thing in your eyes. As a result, we will put more weight on this pick. The formula used is your winning percentage multiplied by 40.

In a nutshell, the higher your confidence level is on a winning pick the more points you get. However, like anything else in life, in order to have a chance to taste success and to have a high score, you will have to have a bit of luck in your picks and do your homework on why you like your picks.

People play at for various reasons... follow friends, looking for other hot pickers or find a system that they can use for their proline tickets. Bottom line, have fun at and dont worry too much about your score. You should aim to follow your friends and have bragging rights in your circle!

*Very important: No points are deducted if you lose any of your picks in any of the 4 confidence level range. Your winning percentage will factor this element into your final score.

Heres an example on the formula used to determine your final score.

Rink Rat Scoreboard of your last 100 picks

Picks Percentage Win Lost Winning % Score Weight Total Score
51% to 54% 3 3 50 % 5.0 10 50
55% to 62% 25 30 46 % 4.6 20 92
63% to 72% 12 13 48 % 4.8 30 144
73% to 100% 8 5 62 % 6.2 40 248
Final Score 534

How do I make the Top Scorers page?

In order to make the top scorers page, you will need to have a minimum of 100 picks made at and have a minimum of 5 followers.

Why do we need the Rink Rat Feature?

Its a fair question and heres my answer.

Why are you making picks at

a) Just for fun
b) Want to make friends
c) Need some help with my proline tickets or offshore account
d) Makes the games more interesting when Im watching

Therefore, if you answered C or D, please keep reading.

How do we know the people we are following are good at making picks? Somebody can have one good week or month and have 5000 followers based on that one week. However, over time, how do I know that person is going to help me win?

When you log into your my account page, in the Rink Rat Scoreboard section of your last 100 picks, you can see your strengths and weakness. Therefore, when you go to your Following page, you can see the Rink Rat Score of the people you are following and you can see their strength and weakness in the different pick percentage ranges.

Being able to see your followers picks confidence level in each range, it gives you an idea on who you should follow when making your bets.

What is a Rink Rat Average on my Followers Page?

Once you follow a user, they are added to your followers page. The system will take all your followers Rink Rat Scores and calculate a combined average.

*Coming soon: We will be releasing a Top Scouts page, where we will rank the user who has the top Rink Rat Average score. This will tell the public, the people Im following are the best at the site, which makes you a great scout!

Whats the difference between Rink Rat Scoreboard and Top Pickers?

In a nutshell, its Apples and Oranges!

In order to get a cup in the Top Pickers section, you must make 4 or more perfect picks that day. If you see a user with 8 cups by their profile, it means that user went 4-0 or better one day during the year and received a cup. In fact, if you play proline, I would encourage you to follow a Top Picker before the Top Scorer because to win at proline, you need a perfect day and the Top Pickers have proven they can sweep the board more times then other users.

A user with a high score in the Rink Rat section would be a great user to follow if you are making a single wager on a game. If you dont like to wager on 3 or more games at one time and prefer to bet on a single game, then the Rink Rat Top Scorer is the person you should be following.

My Top Score is not on the Top Scorers page, WHY?

In order to make the top scorers page, you must meet a few criteria.
  • User must have more than or equal to 5 followers
  • User must have 5 or more picks in the 63% to 72% range
  • User must have 5 or more picks in the 73% to 100% range

Question for Ron Raymond?

If I missed something or you are still not sure on how the Rink Rat Scoreboard works, please email me your question, and I will email you back with a reply. Email me at