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The contestant who makes the most amounts of correct hockey picks from Wednesday to Sunday's games, will win the weekly jackpot. It's $10 per sheet!
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Contest Rules
Please remind me each week when it's time to make my Hockeypicks for the weekly jackpot
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1) The cost is $10.00 per sheet and you can only purchase 1 sheet per week.
2) Contest Players will have from Monday to the first game on Wednesdays to make their picks for the weekly pool. The games you are picking are from the first game on Wednesday to the last game on Sunday nights.
3) Contest Players will pick each game on the board and there will be no spreads or O/U picks. All picks are based on a STRAIGHT UP win only.
4) Players must pick every game on the board and not skip any games, as you cannot come back on Thursday, Friday, Saturday or Sunday to make picks for those days. You must make all your selections at once, then save them! We are not responsible for games that are not saved, it's your responsibility to make sure you saved your weekly game sheet.
5) Players are responsible to make their tiebreaker picks. Once you've made your weekly hockey pool picks, you will then need to make your "tiebreaker picks". All you need to do is click on "make your tiebreaker picks" from the left side menu, answer the 3 tiebreaker questions, and then save it!
6) In the event two or more players tie for the weekly pool, the tiebreaker answers they've provided will be used to settle the tie. The player who is closest to the correct answer without going OVER the tiebreaker total, will be awarded the win. If players are still tied after the tie breaker, then we will split the prize money to the qualifying winners.
7) The contestant, who makes the most amounts of correct hockey picks from Wednesday to Sunday's games, will win the weekly jackpot, minus the 10% administration fee. Example: if 100 people join the pool, then the progressive jackpot will be $1000 minus $100 for administration purpose.
8) All disputes will be settled by a Ron Raymond. Players must be 18 years or older to join this contest or be legal to wager in your state, province or country.
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