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**Public Notice**

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After an illustrious two decades of providing expert insights, predictions, and analysis to the sports betting community, we are thrilled to announce that **hockeypicks.com** is now open for sale! If you have a keen interest in sports betting, a passion for hockey, or are seeking a strategic investment in the online gambling sphere, this is your chance to own a prominent sports betting website.

**About hockeypicks.com:**
Founded 1999, hockeypicks.com has been a trailblazer in offering meticulously researched hockey picks and predictions to sports bettors. With an extensive database spanning years of hockey data, this website has consistently provided valuable information to those seeking informed betting decisions. The domain's well-established reputation and the wealth of data it holds make it a highly attractive proposition for prospective buyers.

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- Recognized Brand: hockeypicks.com is a widely recognized and respected name in the sports betting community.
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**Contact Details:**
We invite interested parties to connect with **Ron Raymond**, the current proprietor of hockeypicks.com, to explore this exciting opportunity further. For inquiries, detailed insights, and to express your interest in acquiring the website and its database, please get in touch with:

**Ron Raymond**
Email: ronraymond@atsstats.com
Website: www.hockeypicks.com

This is your chance to be a part of the sports betting legacy and continue hockeypicks.com's tradition of providing top-notch hockey picks to bettors. Don't let this remarkable opportunity slip away; act swiftly, as opportunities of this caliber are a rarity. We eagerly anticipate connecting with driven individuals prepared to make their mark in the realm of sports betting and online ventures.

Best regards,

Ron Raymond