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NHL Hockey Picks

At the Hockey Picks website, we offer fans and sports bettors an opportunity to make NHL Hockey picks on a daily basis. Players, provide a daily consensus of their top NHL Hockey picks for the games happening that day. These consensus picks are a tool hockey bettor used to make their daily selections.

Furthermore, these consensus picks are a way of gathering information on which way bettors are wagering on today's NHL hockey games. While you are handicapping the games, these consensus picks allows you to review which way you are leaning on certain hockey games and the NHL Predictions can be used to wager money on the NHL games. Follow the top pickers and get your picks followed by other expert NHL pickers.

NHL Expert Picks by Hockey Handicappers

Once you sign up, you get to see the list of Top Scouts, Top Scorers, Top Hockey Pickers, and the most followed Hockey Handicappers. Once you follow any of these hockey handicappers at the site, their NHL Expert picks will be placed and ranked from their highest confidence pick to their lowest. In fact, we highlight the expert hockey handicappers who have been at the site for years, as they are sharing their top picks each day and helping people make money consistently.

NHL Predictions

Make NHL predictions today and you get an opportunity to win different awards based on the winning percentage of your picks. You can also analyze the hockey predictions made by other NHL experts who have made their predictions for that day. Each day, you can make your NHL Hockey Picks and rank those selection based on the confidence level you give that selection, and add to the overall confidence level. We take the top 3 consensus NHL Expert picks from the community and label it the Gold, Silver and Bronze selections. Gold being the highest NHL prediction, Silver will be the second and the Bronze will be the "lowest/Highest" winning percentage.

NHL Hockey Pool

Over the years NHL Hockey pools has become one of the top betting options for the hockey handicappers. Though at hockey picks we don't have any of the hockey pools going on, but for those who are playing NHL hockey pools on other websites based on teams and not players, you can follow the top hockey pickers from here. We know NHL Hockey Pools are fun, but you can have as much fun picking games, instead of players.