How come I’m not listed in the TOP SCORERS or MOST FOLLOWED page?

1) Users must be active and have made picks on the site in last 15 days. If the user has not made their picks for more than 15 days, they will not be listed on the top scorer’s page.

2) Users must have more than or equal of 5 followers.

3) Users must have 5 or more picks in 63% to 72% range.

4) Users must have 5 or more picks in 73% to 100% range.

If all these 4 conditions are met, then user will be listed in “Top Scorer & Most Followed” page.

Important Update for 2022/2023 Season

*Note: After 20 years of being a free to play site, is now a subscription site with a small weekly and yearly fee. Your past username and password will no longer work, you will need to re-register to obtain your old username. All past records are not deleted, you will still see the top cup leaders of all time.